Megasquirt sr20det base map

This could help you get started in the right direction towards building your map. Are they using the same ignition components ignitors, coils, etc? If anything is different here their ignition settings could be different from what you need, and could damage your coil or ignitor.

The most important thing to remember is that no matter how good so-and-so told you their map would work on your car, you are still ultimately responsible for making sure your ECU is properly setup for your car, and that your car is properly tuned.

Do the ignition settings look right and does the ignition table look logical? Is there 60 degrees of timing at WOT?

megasquirt sr20det base map

When you start the car you should still treat it like you need to tune it yourself from scratch, however you hopefully have a good head start. Tune it right. Tune it for less. Tune it Yourself.

megasquirt sr20det base map

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Keep up with us. Create a new list.Please read all documentation before installing your MegaSquirtPNP EMS, and verify you've followed all steps before starting your engine for the first time.

These cars have the ECU behind the right hand kick panel. There's a bit of trim that helps hold the panel in place below the glove compartment. Unbolt the panel and you are then able to unbolt the ECU. Remove the center bolt in the ECU connector to unplug the connector. Note that this connector must be bolted down tightly for the connector to work - often a bit tighter than you can get with a nut driver, so you will need a wrench handle for this.

MegaSquirt PNP Gen2 Manual

Finger tight is asking for trouble. Trust us, we've made that mistake a couple times in testing when someone was in a hurry. Cut the vacuum line at the fuel pressure regulator and insert the included tee fitting.

Run the vacuum line from this tee through a grommet in the firewall and to the barb on the back of the MSPNP. We also recommend routing the tuning cable from the ECU to a location on the console of the passenger compartment, somewhere where you can easily tuck it away when not in use.

At this point, it is safe to power the ECU up, but please make sure you load the appropriate startup map for your specific engine before attempting to start the vehicle. Using the wrong startup map may result in a no-start condition, or even engine damage if the engine is driven hard before the correct map is loaded.

While you can adjust the timing in the same manner as with a stock ECU by adjusting the distributor, MSPNP gives you another option: adjust the trigger angle with TunerStudio under the spark settings. Increase the trigger angle to retard the spark, or decrease it to advance the spark.

Adjust the number until the timing is at 15 degrees. MSPNP requires a trigger angle of at least 50 degrees on this unit to obtain full spark advance. If you adjust the distributor for adjusting the timing advance, set the trigger angle to default value of degrees in TunerStudio and turn the distributor until the timing is at a steady 10 degrees BTDC, then lock the cam angle sensor back down there and check the timing with the light to make sure the distributor didn't slip.

If you run out of adjustment, use the trigger angle setting in TunerStudio to get the correct timing. The timing marks are on the front of the engine. The timing mark on the crank pulley may be hard to see; a dab of white paint down inside the mark wipe off the excess can help here. The 15 degree mark is three marks ahead of the red TDC stripe on the pulley.

This is optional on the KA24E, but may help resolve issues if the sensor gives false hot readings where it is absorbing heat from the intake manifold. The best location for an IAT sensor is just upstream of the throttle body. If racing class rules do not permit you to remove or even unplug the mass air flow sensor, you may wire the IAT to pins 10 and 15 on the pin option connector on the v1.Note: Installation of an IAT sensor and trigger disc is required.

Both are included with this ECU. The paid version of TunerStudio simply adds tuning and analysis software, such as VE Analyzer Live to tune the fuel tables based on wideband O2 feedback requiring a wideband O2 sensor and controller, sold separately. You must be logged in to post a comment. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may write a review. In many cases, the air temperature sensor is built into the MAF, so removing it will In many cases, the air temperature sensor is built into the MAF, so removing it will re Tune it right.

Tune it for less. Tune it Yourself. Website built by Creative Combustion. Hi, Guest! Welcome Guest Login Register. In stock. Add to wishlist.

Average install time is under 1,5 hours! SR20DET base map is pre-loaded to help your engine start on the first turn of the key Real time tuning and data logging with a laptop connection Supports most aftermarket wideband sensors Fully Tunable Engine Control!

Allows removal of stock airflow meter Advanced Feature Set Included! Table switching input. Change fuel and spark maps on the fly for different fuels, nitrous activation, etc.Your engine will run smoother, with excellent driveablity as well as what you're really after, the ability to tune your engine for maximum horsepower and torque across the entire RPM range!

The MSPNP2 includes a very impressive feature set allowing you to convert a distributor based engine to distributorless ignition and sequential or semi-sequential fueling!

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It includes four Peak and Hold fuel injector drivers allowing for use of high-impedance hi-z or low-impedance low-z injectors. We also have included a Manifold Pressure Sensor that's good for up to 44psi of boost for you boost junkies while maintaining plenty of resolution for incredibly accurate control for you naturally aspirated guys too!

Nissan Silvia S13 SR20DET 1989-1994 MSPNP Gen2 Plug and Play ECU

The MSPNP Pro was introduced to tackle the challenges that some vehicles present such as an increased quantity of sequential fuel and ignition channels, VVT, alternator control, etc. Simply to keep the cost down for you. Then of course it includes all of the other features you'd expect from a standalone EMS of this caliber, including table switching swap fuel and ignition tables when nitrous activates, or when you're running race gas versus pump gas2 step rev limiters, flat shift, boost control, tachometer output, knock sensor input, etc.

megasquirt sr20det base map

Click the link to the left for details.As the MegaSquirt is a Do-It-Yourself engine management system I encourage you to take your time, do your research, and take responsibility for your installation and tuning. Some of the articles may have base tuning maps available as well — it is important that you make sure you understand that often these maps will only work with the same version of firmware and MegaTune they were built on.

You can manually transition the settings over into a new firmware of version of MegaTune but simply loading the.

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Sorry for the disclaimer… but you gotta understand in this age of hyper-active legal action combined with a lack of personal responsibility. These are articles written and hosted here, still not always from first hand experience but often from information gathered with the help of others with first hand experience. Credit is of course given in the articles to those who helped me bring it all together.

More to come! Tune it right. Tune it for less. Tune it Yourself. Website built by Creative Combustion. Hi, Guest!

megasquirt sr20det base map

Welcome Guest Login Register. Sorry for the disclaimer… but you gotta understand in this age of hyper-active legal action combined with a lack of personal responsibility ; DIYAutoTune. This adapter board fits inside a or ECU and lets you use Megasquirt with many throttle body injected V6, small block, and big block applications. MS3 lets you swap one of these engines in without worrying about how to transplant a stock ECU into a classic muscle car.

Covers wire-in installations. This article covers what you need to do. Ford 4. Many, many models covered here. Mazda Mazda RX-7 from to Control the rotary ignition with no changes to the stock sensors! Major Updates! This article covers ignition control of vintage Mopars.

Or use this for your SX engine swap.Quick links: Manuals : Megasquirt info : Forum help page : Downloads. Moderators: jsmcortinamuythaibxr. My question is, can I downgrade the firmware to 3. I get theese errors besides the signature difference when attempting to load the 3. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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You should have. I would start a new project so you get a clean default MSQ then adjust the settings as needed for your setup use the saved MSQ as a guide. Then you can import the tables from the old tune. I do not recommend trying to load someone else's tune, it's like wearing someone else's underwear. May damage your motor or install. When you loaded 3.

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Correctly identify your MS ecu here Read the Do's and Don'ts to avoid the common pitfalls before starting your install or asking for help Use only these manuals other manuals will cause brain damage. You just have to get the settings right for your combination.

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Provided all the settings are correct, the fueling and ignition tables are good enough to get the car running. Do not load someone elses tune and expect it to work for you! Board index All times are UTC.For each individual model there is a model-specific addendum to this documentation which addresses the particular installation needs and other unique features of each model of MSPNP2 EMS. You now have the power to fully unleash all of the potential of your engine both with your current configuration and with any modifications you'll perform in the future, no matter how extreme you want to take it!

It is designed to plug right into the factory harness where the factory ECU used to be, and if your engine is pretty close to stock, will easily start your engine just like the factory computer did. You will, however, want to fine-tune your MSPNP2 in order to get the most out of your car's potential.

After all, this ability to tune the fuel and spark maps to match your engine is what a standalone EMS is all about. For the majority of you, we've packed all the features you'll ever need right into the core of the unit and you'll likely never care to modify anything.

We didn't stop with the base feature set of the MegaSquirt but improved upon it. Some of these are built in and use your existing harness, while others require a few changes to the wiring to access since your factory harness didn't support these features. You can set the rev limiter anywhere you want it, and choose either spark cut or fuel cut based rev limiting on most MSPNP2 applications.

While most of the warnings will appear in the text discussing what the warning is about, there are a few words of caution before you start installing your MSPNP2.

First, the MSPNP2 is designed for racing applications and other cars that do not need to be emissions legal. It does not use many of the OEM emissions control devices on the engine, nor is its base map tuning calibrated to pass an emissions test.

MegaSquirtPNP Pro Map Index

Then again, neither are most stock ECUs. It's designed to be put in the passenger compartment, not under the hood or in places where it will get rained or splashed on.

We have thoroughly tested the MSPNP2 on multiple cars, and the 'base map' tuning should get a stock engine or a mildly modified engine running with no problem.

However if you are using this on a modified engine, the tuning may need significant adjustment to properly run your engine. You'll want to dial in the settings before you really push the engine hard. Engines with significant modifications such as those requiring larger injectors may need several settings changed before they will start at all though setting it up for larger injectors is easy, and covered in this manual.

🛑First Startup? No Base Map? Watch This First! - AFR - Initial Startup [FREE LESSON]

Even if your car is stock, you'll still need to fine tune the base map for your car to ensure your car is safely tuned as all cars are different. You do not want to damage your engine due to assuming the base map is just fine for your car.

It's close, but don't assume it's perfect. As a general rule, it will work with almost any modification that works with the stock ECU, and many others that would not have.

Attempting to do so may result in unpredictable results, or may simply not work at all and could prevent the MSPNP2 from running your car properly. As long as you are using the factory ignition system, you can add pretty much any modifications available as long as you tune the MSPNP2 to work with them.

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